Collaboration Opportunities

Drs. Vamshi Kotha and Dinesh Thavendiranathan would like to invite collaborators from across Canada to participate in a study looking at quantification of LV mass and function .  More information here

Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec – Université Laval (IUCPQ)

Dr Eric Larose

Dr. Larose’s research program focuses on the advancement of MR and CT imaging techniques through research and development of innovative and original imaging protocols to characterize the biological determinants of atherosclerotic plaque stability and the heterogeneity of the clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis in various vascular beds. He leads a productive team which includes health professionals, research staff, imaging technologists as well as graduate and postgraduate students.

Dr. Larose has established a unique collaboration by developing and co-leading IUCPQ’s Joint Cardiology and Radiology Advanced Imaging Sector (Cardiovascular MRI and CT) of the multidisciplinary cardiology department as well as a joint clinical and postdoctoral fellowship program. This distinctive structure allows for optimal knowledge translation as physicians, clinical and research fellows, graduate students, research team and other health professionals work closely to improve patient care as well as research activities.

Current Canadian Collaborations



Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds

Biomedical Imaging Research Centre (BIRC)

London, Ontario

Drs Frank Prato, Gerald Wisenberg, Terry Thompsen

A large number of BIRC investigators are focusing on various aspects of cardiovascular disease. Some of the goals of our researchers are to:
- Achieve earlier detection of the presence of coronary disease through novel perfusion imaging;
- Identify high-risk patients through measuring the amount of scar in the heart. Scar is the common end point of many cardiac disease processes, including heart attacks and inflammatory conditions. The presence and extent of scar plays a major role in how effective heart therapies will be, including: coronary artery bypass surgery, implantable defibrillators, and specialized pacemakers.
- Develop improved ways to image and track stem cells to improve heart function
- Determine how blood flow to the heart is altered in patients with genetic heart diseases, such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
- Develop preclinical imaging techniques for studying cardiovascular disease in murine models
- Study cerebrovascular disease and the understanding of effects of carotid flow patterns on the likelihood of stroke events



Highlighted Canadian CMR RESEARCH Programs

(with Links)

McGill University Health Centre

Montreal, Quebec

Dr Matthias Friedrich

At the McGill University Health Centre, Dr. Matthias Friedrich is Chief of Cardiovascular Imaging and is developing a CMR research program, which focuses on tissue characterization (edema, oxygenation) for coronary artery disease, cardiotoxicity in other acute myocardial injury. Funding originates from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS) and other sources.
Positions are available for MSc and, in the near future, PhD students.

University of Alberta - Peter Allen MRI Research Centre

Edmonton, Alberta 

Drs Ian Patterson and Richard Thompson
Led by Dr. Richard Thompson​, the cardiovascular research program at the Peter Allen MRI Research Centre at the University of Alberta is focused on the development and translation of quantitative imaging methods, including myocardial tissue characterization (T1 Mapping), imaging of fat, blood velocity, myocardial perfusion, strain imaging and other applications including imaging skeletal muscle perfusion and oxygen consumption.  Many ongoing disease-oriented studies are under way, including the study of heart failure, chemotherapy toxicity, Anderson-Fabry disease and others in collaboration with a large team and basic and clinical scientists.  
The Centre has a new Siemens PRISMA 3T MRI system (a research-oriented high performance scanner). We have opportunities for students/fellows in many areas ranging from technical development to applied clinical studies.

Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre

Calgary, Alberta

Dr James White
​The Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre has dedicated research teams focused in: i) Heart Failure / Device Therapy and Sudden Cardiac Arrest, ii) Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy (ie: HCM and Myocarditis), iii) Cardio-Oncology, and iv) 4D Strain and 4D Flow (various applications). The research Group, led by Dr. James White, conducts many local research projects but also leads multi-centre RCT and Registries, particularly in the field of MRI-guided device therapy.

The Centre has 2 MRI scanners (PRISMA and SKYRA , Siemens) for cardiac imaging within dedicated facilities and personnel. The Centre has a Research Manager / Collaborations coordinator, Core Laboratory Manager, 3 research nurses, 3 research assistants and a research administrator. We have a strong team of students, PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows and collaborate both within Canada and internationally in a wide range of translational and clinical research.

Links: Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre

Sunnybrook Research Institute

Toronto, Ontario
Dr Graham Wright
Dr. Wright's research efforts include basic biophysics to characterize the relationship between MR signals and underlying physiology in blood and tissue;
engineering to develop more effective methods to acquire, analyze, and visualize medical images; and
application of these tools to assessment, treatment planning, and therapy guidance in ischemic and congenital heart diseases and neurovascular and peripheral vascular diseases.
Current work builds on the group's central role in the Ontario Consortium for Cardiac Imaging where the focus is to develop and evaluate the role of multiple imaging modalities applied to cardiac diseases and in the Imaging Research Centre for Cardiac Intervention to design and test new imaging approaches to guide innovative minimally invasive cardiovascular therapies.

​Links: Dr. Graham Wright 

2017 SCMR Meeting - 20th Annual Scientific Sessions 

January 27-30, 2016

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